New Epipen case "Body Wear" belt for children

Best Storage of Sensitive Temperature Medicines 

Recent research studies by Medicine Wilderness team went out on a very long winter outdoor trip and decided to test which storage was the best for temperature sensitive medications, Since they had been approached by  the makers of epineprhine auto injectors they used the epipen to test the storage containers on the trip.

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Body Wear WaistPal by OmaxCare
There is really no medicines storage that can do a better job to mantain the temperature of the epipens than the body heat. They tested cooling wallets, first aid kits, and many containers sold for transporting insulin. No storage container did better than the body heat. After this test, they published their findings and mentioned that using a "body wear" carrier is the best solutions for long winter travel and extreme temperature changes. More about the published findings.
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Body Wear LegBuddy holds Epipen, Insulin Pen, Diabetes Supplies and more. 

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