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Travelling with food allergy and Summercamp? WaistPal under/over clothing pouch was especially made for comfortably Carrying Pouch two Epinephrine auto injectors. Not an epipen case carrier created by/for people with anaphylaxis allergies.

2017 Carriers for epipen and insulin.

During outdoor long travels body heat body wear WaistPal helps controls temperature sensitive medication such as epinephrine and insulin better than any other insulated storage container especially in extreme cold temperatures. 

Design by kid and family to discreetly and comfortably carry life saving emergency shots at all times

  • Inside is fully lined and feels soft like the best underwears.
  • No plastic buckles to prevent any pinching or hurting your skin
  • Flexible sides that allows full movement
  • Discreet concealed design
  • Comfort plus for 24/7 wear. 

insulated insulin and epipen belt pouch waistpal

insulated epipen waist pal

travel insulated case waistpal
epipen single case leg buddy holster.insulated epipen belt

Featured in Allergic Living as the best choice for allergic childrens who need to carry epinephrine auto injectors.

New Epipen case "Body Wear" belt for children

Best Storage of Sensitive Temperature Medicines 

Recent research studies by Medicine Wilderness team went out on a very long winter outdoor trip and decided to test which storage was the best for temperature sensitive medications, Since they had been approached by  the makers of epineprhine auto injectors they used the epipen to test the storage containers on the trip.

body wear waistpal
Body Wear WaistPal by OmaxCare
There is really no medicines storage that can do a better job to mantain the temperature of the epipens than the body heat. They tested cooling wallets, first aid kits, and many containers sold for transporting insulin. No storage container did better than the body heat. After this test, they published their findings and mentioned that using a "body wear" carrier is the best solutions for long winter travel and extreme temperature changes. More about the published findings.
winter body wear

Body Wear LegBuddy holds Epipen, Insulin Pen, Diabetes Supplies and more. 

epipen body wearbody wear for epipen
girls wear epipen

How to reach your Epipen in leas than ten seconds.

Can you reach your Epipens in less than 10 seconds? 
How long will it take for someone to find your Shots? Five, ten, fifteen seconds or minutes? If it takes more than few seconds then the life saving epinephrines are too far away.

A food allergy anaphylaxis reaction could be stop from escalating with epinephrine. During an emergency if the Epipens are in a case that is attached to a backpack or placed inside a bag it means someone needs to find the bag then look inside for the other bag or pouch where the auto injectors are. Every minute you spend looking for the shots decreases the ability of the medication to help stop the allergic reaction before is too late.

Finding and choosing an Epipen carrier that kids will be willing to use is not a one time deal. What they like today they don't want tomorrow. Therefore, the first thing parents need to understand is that everytime they buy an outfit or just a pair of pants they need to stop and ask themselves: Where are the Epipens going to be carry?

The WaistPal is by far the best epipen holder for kids, teens, and adults with active lifestyle. Designed as an undergarment waist sling with no plastic buckles and fully lined to ensure "no itching" and "no pinching".

High performance athletic stylish design so you can also wear it on the ouside as a clithing accesory. Made of insulated, water proof and fire retardant materials...more


WaistPal by Omaxcare with AuviQ inside.


Epipen Storage case a must have for food allergy preparedness.

Carrying Epinephrine auto-injectors  inside a purse or bag might not be such a good idea:

The onset of a life threatening anaphylaxis allergic reaction can happen so quickly that you might not have enough time to look for your purse or bag. Numerous studies have shown that during an allergic reaction especially to foods and bee stings individuals feel disoriented, can't think straight and many even pass out and become unconscious before they can find and use their life saving epinephrine injection.

Best Epinephrine Carriers:
Self carrying your Epipen or AuviQ inside an undergarment holder, or an auto injectors carrier that you can strap to your body or attach to your clothing will ensure you won't forget where the epi's are. If you are having a severe reaction and get disoriented and/or loose consciousness anyone who is trying to help can easily find where you have your auto injectors.

  "If you or someone you care for has anaphylaxis allergies, help stop anaphylaxis food allergic reactions on time.  Self carry the epinephrine auto injectors  inside an epicarrier that can be "strap on" to your body to ensure  immediate access 24/7 "


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one epipen carrier for different activitieslegbuddy medicine carriers by omaxcare

anaphylaxis epipen injectors inside epi pouch.

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Epipen girls pouch

legbuddy epipen bag holster

LegBuddy by OmaxCare isabailable in seasonal  modern colors here shown with Swaroski Crystals.

Discreetly helps you comfortably carry up tO two Epipens  with style.

available at amazon and at the manufacturer's webstore