How to reach your Epipen in leas than ten seconds.

Can you reach your Epipens in less than 10 seconds? 
How long will it take for someone to find your Shots? Five, ten, fifteen seconds or minutes? If it takes more than few seconds then the life saving epinephrines are too far away.

A food allergy anaphylaxis reaction could be stop from escalating with epinephrine. During an emergency if the Epipens are in a case that is attached to a backpack or placed inside a bag it means someone needs to find the bag then look inside for the other bag or pouch where the auto injectors are. Every minute you spend looking for the shots decreases the ability of the medication to help stop the allergic reaction before is too late.

Finding and choosing an Epipen carrier that kids will be willing to use is not a one time deal. What they like today they don't want tomorrow. Therefore, the first thing parents need to understand is that everytime they buy an outfit or just a pair of pants they need to stop and ask themselves: Where are the Epipens going to be carry?

The WaistPal is by far the best epipen holder for kids, teens, and adults with active lifestyle. Designed as an undergarment waist sling with no plastic buckles and fully lined to ensure "no itching" and "no pinching".

High performance athletic stylish design so you can also wear it on the ouside as a clithing accesory. Made of insulated, water proof and fire retardant materials...more


WaistPal by Omaxcare with AuviQ inside.