Epipen Storage case a must have for food allergy preparedness.

Carrying Epinephrine auto-injectors  inside a purse or bag might not be such a good idea:

The onset of a life threatening anaphylaxis allergic reaction can happen so quickly that you might not have enough time to look for your purse or bag. Numerous studies have shown that during an allergic reaction especially to foods and bee stings individuals feel disoriented, can't think straight and many even pass out and become unconscious before they can find and use their life saving epinephrine injection.

Best Epinephrine Carriers:
Self carrying your Epipen or AuviQ inside an undergarment holder, or an auto injectors carrier that you can strap to your body or attach to your clothing will ensure you won't forget where the epi's are. If you are having a severe reaction and get disoriented and/or loose consciousness anyone who is trying to help can easily find where you have your auto injectors.

  "If you or someone you care for has anaphylaxis allergies, help stop anaphylaxis food allergic reactions on time.  Self carry the epinephrine auto injectors  inside an epicarrier that can be "strap on" to your body to ensure  immediate access 24/7 "


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