2017 Carriers for epipen and insulin.

During outdoor long travels body heat body wear WaistPal helps controls temperature sensitive medication such as epinephrine and insulin better than any other insulated storage container especially in extreme cold temperatures. 

Design by kid and family to discreetly and comfortably carry life saving emergency shots at all times

  • Inside is fully lined and feels soft like the best underwears.
  • No plastic buckles to prevent any pinching or hurting your skin
  • Flexible sides that allows full movement
  • Discreet concealed design
  • Comfort plus for 24/7 wear. 

insulated insulin and epipen belt pouch waistpal

insulated epipen waist pal

travel insulated case waistpal
epipen single case leg buddy holster.insulated epipen belt

Featured in Allergic Living as the best choice for allergic childrens who need to carry epinephrine auto injectors.